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Curriculum Vitae


Gijs Hoffmans is author of:

  • Scour Manual, Balkema, Rotterdam (1997)
  • Influence of Turbulence on Soil Erosion, Eburon, Delft (2012)
  • Scour Manual, Current-Related Erosion update to the Scour Manual of 1997, Taylor and Francis (2021)
  • Shields–Darcy Model, An Alternative Piping Model? (to be published)

At present, he is author of more than 50 publications on scour prediction; stability of bed protection and granular filters; turbulence near hydraulic structures; stability of dikes, piping, and heave; and strength of grass cover on earthen dikes. More information on conference papers and journal manuscripts can be found at or upon request.

My expertise

Grass revetments